The program assists Marines and their families in achieving and sustaining personal financial readiness by providing personal financial education, training, counseling, and financial information and referral. A solid understanding of personal finances will build confidence in facing financial challenges, responsibilities and mission readiness.
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Our Mission: The #1 trusted source for unbiased financial information on Marine Corps installations globally. The Personal Financial Management Program’s (PFMP) primary focus is a proactive preventive approach to financial education, training, coaching, and financial information and referral to commands, Marines and their families. The PFMP’s secondary focus is intervention with counseling/coaching. Marine Corps Order 1700.37

  • The Personal Financial Management Specialists and the unit Command Financial Specialists provide no cost services (one-on-one counseling and workshops) to Marines and are the primary source of financial education and counseling.
  • Individual and couple financial counseling by an Accredited Financial Counselor is available.
  • There are more than 60 money management modules for workshops at commands available. To schedule a course for your command, please contact your Command Financial Specialist.
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Contact your Command Financial Specialist or Personal Financial Management Specialist to schedule an individual appointment. You can expect to be seen within 10 business days.

Individual appointments are generally scheduled for one hour and include the preparation of a financial planning worksheet to assess current financial status and identify areas for improvement.



All of the following Financial Education Action Points (FEAPs) will trigger an opportunity for financial education at certain point on your career. U. S. Code requires that all Marines must complete financial education at specific action points.  If you have reached one of these points in your career, please contact a member of the Personal Financial Management Team to complete the required training. 


Understanding this benefit and considering the financial situation of each Marine can assist them in making the best decisions to assess their career goals and make important personal financial decisions as they pertain to the Continuation Pay benefit. This curriculum will help you assist them at this important milestone as an opportunity to understand what Continuation Pay is, how to apply for it, and how best to use it



Completing two years of service in the USMC marks an important milestone in one’s military career and Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) for those under the Blended Retirement System (BRS). BRS eligible Marines  who complete two years of service become vested in the TSP. It is important that they understand the nuances of their benefits and the TSP program.



These tools can start important financial conversations related to this Touchpoint. As one’s career takes off, it's a great time to review finances and set a course toward a more prosperous future. This curriculum can help Marines organize and efficiently work through many financial questions important at this stage of life.



Studies at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) verify that money is a leading cause of stress in relationships. Even when a relationship ends in divorce, money often continues to be an issue. This curriculum, supplemented with information and referrals, can help Sailors or their families reorganize their finances efficiently as you work through the many dimensions of this difficult life event.



Understand the fundamentals of creating and managing a spending plan, and the importance of updating a spending plan.   Update personal spending plan. Understand changes in basic pay and allowances because of marriage. Understand how to update federal and state withholding as needed.



The first child introduced into your life changes everything familiar in your household … including the household finances. This curriculum, supplemented with information and referrals, can help you organize finances efficiently as Marines work through the many changes that come with a new birth or adoption. From emergency funds, to college costs and insurance needs, this material helps you walk through training for Marines and their families reaching this stage of their life.



The Pre-Deployment curriculum assists PFM and CFS in assisting Marines and their families who are preparing for Deployment. This can be a stressful time for Marines and their families. A deployment can also provide an excellent opportunity to improve one’s financial situation, if they’re prepared. This curriculum is all about getting one’s finances ready before deployment, so Marines can take advantage of opportunities and help alleviate stress. From financial planning, to managing payments, to combat zone tax exclusions — these tools will assist you in addressing a variety of pre-deployment topics.



The Post-Deployment curriculum assists Marines and their families who are preparing to come home. Returning home after deployment can be an exciting time and can bring with it a number of changes. Marines may be eager to spend time with family and friends and adjust to just being home. But it’s important not to overlook certain financial tasks that need to be completed, so they can take advantage of the extra money and resources that were available before and after deployment.



Moving often means adjusting to change and starting new routines. This is especially true for finances and cash flow. This curriculum can help your Marine to prepare for the main financial considerations of a PCS and make sound financial decisions.



Whether Marines complete a 20-year career or separate after a few years, they will want to take advantage of the benefits offered and personal financial readiness training provided. The First Duty Station curriculum will assist you in helping Marines get off to a strong financial start.



Your spouse may be the one officially transitioning out of the military, but the challenges of shifting to civilian life are undoubtedly a family affair. While many of the upcoming decisions you'll be making will depend on your unique family situation, one piece of advice applies across the board: Do your best to plan ahead and prepare — especially in regard to your finances.



The Blended Retirement System (BRS) went into effect on 1 January 2018.  All Marines who have a date initially entered into military service (DIEMS) on or after 1 January 2018 will be automatically enrolled in the BRS.



For service members who first entered active duty after September 8, 1980, but before January 1, 2018.  Typically requires 20 years of service to qualify for retirement pay. Thrift Savings Plan is available and is funded only by service member contributions (if they elect to do so).



The Command Financial Specialist (CFS), as the officially designated command representative, is the core of the Personal Financial Management (PFM) program. The basic function of the CFS is to provide financial education and training, counseling, and information referral at the command level. 

The CFS establishes, organizes and administers the command’s PFM program, including:

• Command’s principal advisor on policies and matters related to Personal Financial Management,

• Facilitate financial classes through General Military Training, and

• Provide personal financial counseling and referral to appropriate authorized resources.

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