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Dip Into Something Else

Dip, a form of smokeless tobacco, may seem like a healthier alternative to smoking but do you know what impact products like spit/chew tobacco or snuff/dip can have on you? Let’s take a look at a few things that may make you think twice about putting that pinch of dip in your mouth.

Tobacco use can affect a man’s fertility by causing erectile dysfunction. A man with erectile dysfunction can’t have and maintain an erection that is adequate for sexual performance. This can ultimately affect his ability to reproduce.

Most smokeless tobacco users may think they’re never going to use cigarettes, but because tobacco users can become addicted to nicotine, they are more likely to also become cigarette smokers in the future.

The cost of any tobacco product alone can put a dent in your wallet after some time. But the price of tobacco aboard military installations is now significantly higher. A new Department of Defense Tobacco Policy, implemented in April 2016, calls for the Services’ Exchanges to match the prices of tobacco sales in the community, including factoring in taxes. This means no more discounts on tobacco on base and more of your money going toward buying that can of dip. 

Although smokeless tobacco may seem like it’s not harming you or that it’s better than smoking, it can really affect many different areas of your life. For alternative activities, tobacco cessation support and getting information on how to quit, contact your local Health Promotion Program via the contact information below.

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