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Athletic Competition: Feeding the Competitive Spirit

Athletics are the modern-day version of combat. Two opposing forces battling to become victorious. This is one of many reasons why people are drawn to sports. One of the major factors is the competition. Below are five reasons why athletics help feed the competitive spirit: 

Iron sharpens Iron 

When we are tested in athletic competition, it brings out the best in us. In any sport, when the opposition is pushes us to our limits, it forces us to become the best version of ourselves. 

Learning to empty your cup  

In true competition, the only way to be victorious is to give 100 percent effort. Leave nothing to chance, in the final analysis, the wins and losses matter less than knowing you gave everything you could. 

Control your controllables 

In athletics, sometimes the ball does not roll your way. It is a must to learn that the only thing you have control over is you attitude and effort. You can control how you respond to adversity, and the ability to give everything you have. Those are within your control, so if you manage them no matter the outcome, you did everything within your power.  

Embrace Adversity  

Sports are a parallel to life. The flood is always coming, there is always adversity on the horizon. If you embrace this and learn to handle it as it comes it will allow you to be successful in all your endeavors. 


One of the amazing aspects about sports, specifically competition, is its ability to transform you into a better version of yourself. Win, lose, or draw; if you give effort, embrace competition, control your controllables, embrace adversity, you will be transformed in the end. A new version of you will rise, stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually to handle anything life throws out. Stay competitive! 

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