Introduction to EFMP

Learn the ins and outs of the Exceptional Family Member Program. Maximize the benefits of EFMP Family Support.
Dates: 03/26/2024; 05/28/2024; 09/10/2024; 12/23/2024.

Accessing Community Resources

Come and learn about accessing the wealth of resources available in the National Capital Region and how to find new resources when you PCS to a new location.
Dates: 3/12/2024; 05/14/2024; 08/27/2024; 12/10/2024.

Early Intervention Overview

From birth to 3, a child should reach milestones in how he/she plays, learns, talks and moves. for a bite-sized workshop on the early intervention process, typical milestones and steps to take if you have concerns. Led by EI SLP.
Dates: 02/27/2024; 07/09/2024.

SSI/SSDI & Medicaid Waivers

Join EFMP for bite-sized learning! Learn about Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income including who qualifies and who to apply.
Dates: 08/13/2024.

Managing Deployments

A bite-sized brief about how to prepare for deployment. Learn about the resources and supports available through your EFMP office.
Dates: 11/12/2024.

Successful PCS Transitions

Planning is the key to making a smooth transition for your family during a PCS move, especially if you have a family member with special needs. This workshop will step you through the process.
Dates: 04/23/2024; 10/22/2024.

Respite Care

Learn about the respite care benefit available to eligible families through EFMP.
Dates: 03/26/2024; 05/28/2024; 09/10/2024; 12/23/2024.

Recreation Inclusion Opportunities

The National Capital Region has a plethora of accessible recreation opportunities from wheelchair basketball to adapted climbing. Tune in to learn about them and laws on inclusion.
Dates: 03/12/2024; 05/14/2024; 08/27/2024; 12/10/2024.

Special Education Overview

Are you new to the special education arena or in need of a refresher on the basics of special education? Join our bite-sized workshop on the need-to-know special education information. Led by former special education professional.
Dates: 11/26/2024.

Building Networks of Support

Discuss how to build a support network with the challenges of the military and special medical or educational needs.
Dates: 06/25/2024; 10/08/2024.

Permanent Dependency

Learn about establishing an incapacitation status for a child within the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS).
Dates: 04/09/2024; 09/24/2024.

Service Animals

What is the difference between a service animal and a therapy animal? What laws apply to service animals? Who can benefit from a service animal? Answers to these questions and more in a bite-sized format.
Dates: 06/11/2024; 07/23/2024.


Contact Information

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)

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Bldg. 12
Arlington, VA 22026

Program Manager: 7036936510

Administrative Specialist: 7036937195

Family Case Worker: 7036934172

Family Case Worker: 7036936368

Training, Education & Outreach Specialist: 7036935353


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