Family Needs Assessment: Face-to-Face is Best

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Family Needs Assessment
Henderson Hall EFMP uses non-clinical EFMP Family Needs Assessment that was designed by OSD Office of Special Needs, DD Form 3054. A Family Needs Assessment helps gather information about our EFMP families in order for our EFMP Family Case Workers (FCWs) to determine each family’s area of need and to provide them with the appropriate resources and support services.

Through our trials, we have found that the Family Needs Assessment is a very valuable tool for our EFMP families. The biggest reason is that it is designed to be an initial or intake assessment that is conducted either by a face-to-face interview or by telephone. Based on the assessment questions and the follow-up questions, the dialog between the FCW and the client reveals much more relevant information which translates into a more comprehensive assessment of the service member’s needs. With a more comprehensive assessment, FCWs are able to create a more effective Family Service Plan and to better determine how EFMP case management services will be provided. All information gathered is strictly confidential.


Family Case Worker Interview a Plus
We found that in the past when our service members or spouses completed a needs assessment that was in the form of a questionnaire or survey that it just touched the surface. A face-to-face interview or an interview by telephone using a good tool, such as the EFMP Family Needs Assessment, will generate much more pertinent information. Most people do not know all the resources that are available to them and it takes a capable and empathetic interviewer, like our Henderson Hall EFMP FCWs, to find those areas of need and then put together a Family Service Plan that describes resources and support services that will be effective.

For example, your child may be having difficulties in school and through our EFMP Family Needs Assessment interview process we discover that the school never told you about the availability of assistive technology or certain accommodations that your child may benefit from. We would then discuss with you the process for requesting an assistive technology evaluation for your child. Or, in another case, we might discover that a parent is overwhelmed with managing medical appointments for his/her child, so we may recommend that he/she request a Tricare Case Manager. Or, based on your EFM’s situation, we may recommend that you contact a regional contractor from Extended Care Health Option (ECHO) which supplements the basic TRICARE program by providing financial assistance for an integrated set of services and supplies. We might find out that a parent or sibling is having difficulty dealing with the EFM’s condition and may require counseling or a support group. We may also suggest our mentoring program, “EFMP Connections,” where we pair you up with another EFMP parent who has already gone through what you are experiencing.


Many Support Services Available
The EFMP Family Needs Assessment can be conducted at any time, especially if conditions change with regard to a family member’s needs. During the initial meeting with the client, FCWs will gather information to address the client's immediate needs. The Assessment may also be used to screen clients to determine if they would benefit from other Marine and Family Programs that are available to them, such as: New Parent Support, Behavioral Health, School Liaison Program, Personal Finance Management Program, etc.

The goals of the EFMP Family Needs Assessment interview are:

  • To identify current issues or needs and major potential outcomes while using the interventions and support services currently in place.
  • Identify and develop other approaches for increasing the effectiveness of support services and resources.

If you would like additional information about our EFMP Family Needs Assessment, please contact your Henderson Hall FCW at 703-693-4172/6368. Thank you.

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