The Single Marine Program was established to improve quality of life for single Marines. The primary focus of the program is to enhance the morale and well-being of single Marines by directly involving them in the planning of services. Areas of concern include quality of life, recreation, and community involvement.

The program is extended to unaccompanied Marines as well. Recreation and leisure time events and activities are created, developed, and implemented by the SMP Coordinator. These activities include local and extended trips at low or no cost to the single or unaccompanied Marine. The SMP Coordinator works on quality of life issues with the assistance of the Single Marine Committee. Issues pertaining to living standards, safety, wellness, health, and community involvement are often brought to the attention of the Command via the Single Marine Committee. The Committee provides single Marines a forum for direct involvement in such issues and empowers them to make a difference.

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Single Marine Program (SMP)

1555 Southgate Rd.
Bldg. 416
Arlington, VA 22214

Phone: 7032201001

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